Types of Table Lamps for Your Home

table lamp

We’ve discussed floor lamps and chandeliers in great detail and now it is time to discuss the most common form of home lighting, table lamps. Table lamps are stylish, versatile and affordable and very popular.

Most homes have at least one table lamp in every room but how do you know what type of table lamp is right for each room?

Let’s discuss the different types of table lamps and how to decorate with them throughout your home:


You want a table lamp to be stylish but it needs to provide the correct amount of light for the room too. For general lighting in a room, consider placing two table lamps on top of a console table or one each on coordinating side tables.

If the room doesn’t have a chandelier or floor lamps, you will need several table lamps placed throughout it to provide enough light for larger rooms. Most rooms will need a minimum of two or three table lamps for sufficient lighting.

A table lamp with an adjustable shade or a downward arch will provide more focused light. You will often use this type of light on a desk or near a reading area in your home. If you use a traditional table lamp for this purpose, be sure the bottom of the lamp shade rests at eye height and that the bulb and socket are not exposed.


The size, shape and style of the table lamp should complement and balance the rest of the room. A table lamp should complement furniture, art and rugs and flooring but likely will not be a focal point of the décor.

A modern room should have a modern table lamp, whereas a traditional room should have a more traditional table lamp. Also be sure that the finishes and base of a lamp match other finishes throughout the décor.


The lamp shade is probably the most stylish aspect of a table lamp. There are drum, cone, pagoda and cylinder lamp shade shapes to choose from, each with their own style.

A lightweight fabric shade or a shade with a lighter color will provide more light in a room.

You can even update the lamp shades on a regular basis to switch up the décor and look of a room from time to time. This is a very cheap way to add new looks and variety to the appearance of your home.

You can now confidently choose the correct type of table lamp for the rooms in your home to add light and style to your living space.