Types of Chandeliers: Which One is Right for You?


In our last post, we discussed all of the types of floor lamps and how to decorate your home with the correct lighting. In today’s post, we will cover a more luxurious form of home lighting.

A chandelier is synonymous with luxury but in 2017 there are several models and styles suitable for contemporary and traditional décor. A chandelier isn’t just for dining rooms anymore either. You can display a chandelier in a living room or an entry way too.

Learn how to decorate with chandeliers in your home and which type of chandelier is right for you:


You should consider the size of the chandelier and the room before you purchase one for your home. You can purchase a mini chandelier for bedrooms or hallways to add a little light and décor to rooms with minimal natural light.

You can purchase a medium size chandelier for a living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. This size of chandelier creates a beautiful focal point for a room.

A large chandelier is excellent for stairways and rooms with high, vaulted ceilings. These large chandeliers are the most famous but also the most expensive and not all homes can accommodate them.

You can determine the best diameter of a chandelier to purchase for a room if you add the width and the length of the room together. Now replace that measurement with inches instead of feet and you will have the perfect diameter for a chandelier in that room.


Your chandelier should match your lifestyle and design aesthetic. You can choose from modern chandeliers, formal designs and traditional styles depending on the décor and style of your home.


After you choose the chandelier you want, you need to hang it.

Be sure the bottom of the chandelier is at least 28-32 inches above the table surface in a dining room and 9 feet above the floor at the bottom of a stairwell.

Don’t hang a chandelier so low someone could hit there head on it and don’t hang it so low over a table that it could block someone’s view across the table.

These tips should prepare you to buy the perfect chandelier for your home and hang it the correct way so that it truly brightens a living space.