What Size Area Rug Should You Buy?

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Our last post provided several tips on how to decorate with area rugs. Today, we will cover one of the most important aspects of choosing an area rug and that is how to determine what size rug to buy for a room.

Nothing can make a room feel more cozy and inviting than a new rug. A correctly chosen rug can brighten up the room and make a great finishing touch to the overall decor by bringing everything together.

But in order for it to bring everything together, the rug needs to be cleaned often by a professional service like https://cdbrazoscounty.com/ and it needs to be proportional to the size of the room. In other words, you need to purchase a rug that will fit your room perfectly in terms of size, shape, color and pattern.

But if the latter three are relatively easy to choose based on the style and colors of the room, the size can be a bit tricky to figure out. So make yourself familiar with the basics of how to pick the right size area rug first.

First and foremost, remember that the bigger the rug the better. Larger rugs make the room visually bigger and create a more appealing look overall, while smaller rugs tend to be more confusing and disproportionate to the overall environment.

So if there is a choice between a smaller and a bigger rug, choose the latter. In general, the rug should be proportional to the size of the room itself: the bigger the room, the larger the rug, and vice versa.

Another basic tip: try for the rug to be about 12-24 inches away from the borders of the room, that is considered to be the most optimal standard. Next off, it is very important what room you are choosing the rug for because there are different appropriate layouts for different rooms.

For dining rooms, it is recommended to have the rug at least about 36 inches wider than the sides of the table, so all the chair and table legs should obviously be on the rug itself.

Depending on the shape of your table, you can choose the applicable rug: either round, rectangular, square or oval. Although the shape does not necessarily have to match, in case of matching it will create a more harmonious look.

For the bedroom, you can either have all the bed legs on the rug, as well as half or ⅔ of the bed on the rug. Both of those options create a cozy effect in the room. It is also possible to have lengthy narrow runners on each side of the bed, which will look much more stylish.

In the living room, your whole furniture will either be on the rug, or you will only have a rug under the coffee table. In either case, the rug should exceed the sides of the furniture by at least 6 inches for an optimal effect. That, of course, is not a mandatory rule. You should first of all be observant of your own room and figure what will work best for your area in particular.

For the kitchen and the hallway, runners are the most popular option. But once again, be observant of what will work in your particular case.

Regarding the sizes, as is, there are several standard sizes that you will most likely be offered. A useful tip for that: use tape or wash tape that won’t damage the floor. Whenever you like a rug, simply measure its area in your room and tape it off. Thanks to that you can see what area the rug will take off. And if you are ordering the rug, you can tape the area off and determine the size accordingly.

Tips to Decorate with Area Rugs

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I find that no room in a home is complete without an area rug. I have area rugs in my kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms, entryways, hallways and just about everywhere you could imagine one might be.

Area rugs add patterns and pops of color to a room and can even serve as a visual focal point to base your décor after. They’re stylish and versatile and a must-have in any interior decorator’s arsenal.

And I have some tips for how to best decorate with area rugs in your home. The good news is you can use these tips whether you have carpet, tile or hardwood floor in a room or hall. Area rugs complement them all!


You want the size of the area rug to stretch so that it rests under the front feet of all the furniture in a sitting area.

For bedrooms, you can place the rug either directly in front of the foot of the bed or buy one big enough so that the entire bed and some extra space on each side fits.

If you use the rug in a hallway you want about a half of a foot on each side of the hall left visible. Sizing is very important for rugs.

For large open areas, I will use circular rugs. A circle rug is unique and a great touch for entryways if your space allows it.


To care for an area rug is the same concept as how to care for carpet. You should vacuum the area rugs one or two times each week and then schedule a local carpet cleaner near your home to deep clean the rugs once a year. This can either be done at your home or the service will pickup your rug, bring it to their cleaning facility and deliver it back to your home once it is clean.

You are better off having no rugs in your home than dirty rugs in your home so be sure to be diligent about vacuuming and scheduling cleaning for them.


If a room has generally neutral tones throughout it, a rug is a great chance to incorporate a bold touch of color into the room. This way there are some visually striking and appealing touches in the room for style.

You can also use rugs to incorporate patterns into a room. You might find it hard to add patterns or modern touches in a typical room so a rug offers an easy opportunity for herringbone or other trendy décor patterns.

You can see there are countless ways to decorate with rugs and countless shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to designing a room with a rug. After all, a rug is not a permanent change or a major repair, if the style or color doesn’t fit the room or your home, simply return the rug and try a new one.